100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!
100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!

ICNA Relief Canada Sponsors Two RO Water Plants
for Palestine Amid War-Torn Crisis

In the wake of the ongoing conflict in Palestine, access to clean water has become a critical issue for many brothers and sisters. The war has left countless individuals and families bound to consume contaminated water, posing severe risks to their health and well-being. The scarcity of clean water affects their daily lives, hindering their ability to drink safely, cook hygienically, and even clean their wounds, exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation.

Recognizing the urgent need for clean water, ICNA Relief Canada has stepped forward with a generous donation, sponsoring the installation of two Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plants in affected areas of Palestine. These plants are essential in providing purified water to those in desperate need, helping to alleviate the hardships faced by these communities.

Amity Global Foundation has established vital connections with local on-ground organizations, ensuring the effective implementation and operation of these water plants. Through this collaboration, we aim to deliver sustainable solutions that offer immediate relief and long-term benefits to the affected populations.

The installation of these RO water plants marks a significant step towards improving the quality of life for many in Palestine. We are deeply grateful for ICNA Relief Canada’s support and commitment to this cause, as their contribution is instrumental in making clean water accessible to those who need it most.

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