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The only way we can bring about change and make the world a better place is by working together

About Us

The mission and goals of our organization

The Board of Directors at Amity/AGF started this project to give back to the community. Having lived and served in Canada for several decades as volunteers for a variety of organizations, and being involved in a number of local projects, we decided we wanted to take things to the next level by establishing a charity that could support and elevate these local charities, as well as national and international charitable initiatives.

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It is Our vision

We are committed to serving humanity and enabling communities to achieve their greatest potential.

Our Mission

To be the trusted platform

Amity supports and uplifts the people in our local communities who are overlooked. We enable community building by strategically partnering with local charities that are already doing great work and help them reach new heights. By identifying key gaps and working together to fill these gaps, Amity strives to be a leader in making real change in our communities.


Amity Global Foundation

To achieve our vision, we want to support as many local, national, and international charities as possible. It is our vision to partner with as many Canadian charities that are already doing great work and help them reach new heights. We are looking forward to long-term partnerships with international charities to either support their existing projects or to start new ones including clean drinking water, schools, hospitals, foodbanks, orphanages, etc.