100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!
100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!

Empowering Tomorrow

Amity's Vision for Self-Sustaining Communities

Our goal is to create a model where villages not only survive but thrive on their own accord, setting a new standard for global empowerment. Beginning with a village of 50-70 homes, we aim to scale this transformative model worldwide.

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Our approach is built on three pillars

Collaborating with Local Charities

By partnering with grassroots organizations, we ensure that our efforts are deeply rooted in the communities we serve.

Food Distribution Project

Addressing immediate hunger is crucial. Through our food distribution initiatives, we provide sustenance while laying the groundwork for sustainable solutions.

Access to Clean Water

Clean water is a basic human right and a cornerstone of healthy communities. We work to ensure that every individual has access to safe, clean water sources.

“At Amity, we believe in creating communities where charity becomes obsolete and self-sufficiency reigns supreme.”

Phase 1

Collaborating with Local Charities

In the first phase of our journey, we tackle the most fundamental human needs:


Amity envisions constructing solar-powered shelters, heralding vibrant villages powered by renewable energy.


Solar-powered RO plants will ensure accessible, clean, drinkable water for the community.


No one will go hungry as we provide sustenance for the community.


Biogas plants will be built to ensure heat and stoves are operational without reliance on government support.

Through the construction of this infrastructure, we’re not just providing basic necessities; we’re laying the groundwork for communities to rise above poverty and dependence. Our mission at Amity is to elevate villages to a level where these essential elements are not just provided but sustainably maintained, fostering community elevation and resilience.

Estimated Phase 1 Cost = $1,000,000 – $1,300,000

Phase 2

Building Sustainable Services and Empowering Education

Education is the cornerstone of progress. In phase two, we invest in the minds of tomorrow, building schools, medical centers, and vocational training facilities. No child is left behind as we equip them with the skills needed to thrive in a modern economy.

Medical Centre:

Providing crucial medical care for injuries and illnesses within the community.

Academic School:

Establishing a school for children to ensure continuous learning and evolution within the community.

Mosque/Prayer Area:

Addressing the spiritual needs of the community by providing a dedicated place for worship.

Trade School:

Breaking the cycle of poverty by offering vocational training to children. Through aptitude tests, high-scoring individuals will receive specialized education in fields such as electricians, plumbers, first aid, agriculture, farming, marketing, IT, sewing, and more. Graduates of the trade school will contribute to the community by providing services in exchange for other essential services, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Estimated Cost of Phase 2: $500,000 – $700,000

Phase 3

Cultivating Self-Reliance

Self-sufficiency isn’t just about meeting basic needs—it’s about fostering economic independence. In phase three, we empower communities to cultivate their own resources, from dairy farming to beekeeping, from agriculture to animal husbandry. By harnessing the power of microeconomics, we empower individuals to become entrepreneurs, creating a cycle of prosperity that reverberates throughout the community.

Estimated Cost of Phase 3: $125,000 – $250,000

Phase 4

Empowering Economic Independence

Microeconomics for Community Prosperity:

Equipping the community with the tools to generate income autonomously. Through understanding and implementing microeconomic principles, they will be empowered to earn funds to sustain and develop their community.

Investing in Future Sustainability:

Funds collected will not only be utilized for immediate needs but also invested in an endowment fund to ensure long-term growth and stability for the community.

Interest-Free Loans for Higher Education:

Providing access to interest-free loans for those aspiring to pursue higher education. Upon graduation, borrowers will commit to repaying the loan, contributing to the sustainability of the community.

Reinvestment in Community:

Upon loan repayment, a portion of the borrower’s salary will be allocated back to the community bank. This cyclical reinvestment ensures the perpetuation of support and fosters financial independence within the community.

Through these initiatives, the community will not only thrive but become a beacon of self-sufficiency. As financial independence is achieved, the need for external charity diminishes, paving the way for a self-sustaining future.

Budget: $1,725,000 – $2,250,000

Join us in our mission to create self-sustaining communities that transcend the need for charity. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of poverty and create a future where every individual has the opportunity to flourish. Click the button below to donate now for the future.

“This is not just a vision—it’s a promise of empowerment, resilience, and lasting change. This is the legacy of Amity.”

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