100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!
100% of our donations will always go towards the cause!

Saad Hasnain

Driving Transformative Change as COO of Amity Global Foundation

In the heart of philanthropy, Saad Hasnain stands as a beacon of innovation and compassion, spearheading transformative projects as the Chief Operating Officer of Amity Global Foundation.

With over 12 years of seasoned experience as a Business Analytics Leader, Saad’s journey is marked by a profound commitment to leveraging data-driven insights for the betterment of humanity. His holistic understanding of business dynamics, combined with a visionary approach, has propelled AGF to new heights of success and impact.

Saad’s leadership ethos is characterized by hands-on involvement and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He personally visits project sites, immersing himself in the communities served, and ensuring that initiatives resonate authentically with their needs. This personal touch not only fosters deep connections but also ensures that every project is executed with precision and empathy.

Under Saad’s stewardship, AGF has witnessed a remarkable transformation through strategic team development and goal alignment. Furthermore, Saad’s adept utilization of business analytics has seamlessly transitioned the organization into the digital age, driving efficiency and maximizing impact. His innovative initiatives, such as automating processes and reducing time to market for clients, have not only saved resources but also accelerated the charity’s ability to deliver timely aid to those in need.

Saad’s strengths lie not only in his technical prowess but also in his profound understanding of business strategy and infrastructure. His expertise in product management, change management, and knowledge management has laid the foundation for sustained growth and success.

In essence, Saad Hasnain’s leadership exemplifies the core values of philanthropy: compassion, innovation, and impact. As he continues to drive transformative change within the global charity landscape, his unwavering dedication inspires hope and transforms lives around the world.

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